Surprise Day Off!


I love when I get a surprise extra day off! It doesn’t happen often, but it’s so nice when it does. Spending today doing a little editing work and some boring chores, but also snuggling with Jax and catching up on some reading. All in all, a good day. #sundaysnuggles #onathursday #lazydog


Option G

There’s a poll at this end of this article allowing readers to posit how they think Beckett will respond to Castle’s marriage proposal. I think option B and option D are both viable possibilities (I chose D), but I think I’d like to propose option G:

Beckett takes the job in DC and suggests they not get married, but officially move in together. She goes ahead to DC to start the job while they prepare for Castle to join her. Then after 3/4 of an episode, she decides she hates DC and wants to come back to NYC and her old job (because what’s “Castle” without Ryan and Espo too?!?), so they move in together at Castle’s loft and continue solving crimes in their adorable, funny, awesome way.

Clearly this option is the best and the writers of Castle will be calling me any day now asking me how I came up with such a brilliant solution. And then I’ll wake up.

But seriously, as I see it the “problem[s]” the writers now face are how to keep the show interesting without being untrue to the characters and the story. Beckett can’t really give a straight yes or no answer because there’s not really any place to go that the audience would find interesting.

On the one hand, if she says no, whether or not she then goes to DC, Castle and Beckett probably wouldn’t work together anymore because it would be awkward and uncomfortable and no one wants to watch that. Castle would have to take her back way too soon, and frankly, as much as I love them together, I’d be pissed if that happened because the story would feel forced, and I love the way the writers have handled the Castle/Beckett relationship even more than I love the Castle/Beckett relationship itself.

On the other hand, if she says yes and stays in NYC (which she was totally going to do anyway, even if he hadn’t proposed–she looked so sad when she thought Castle was going to give her the boot! And if I’m wrong about that, please nobody tell me.), then there’s not really anywhere else to go. Wedding planning for a whole season? Boring. Sure, there’d be the option of Gates interfering since there’s no longer plausible deniability (her term, not mine), but that takes about an episode. I’m sure the writers could figure out stuff to throw at them, but I feel like that would ultimately be a bit of a train wreck.

So obviously, either way Beckett answers, there has to be a catch, some condition that stays true to her character and the relationship between the two of them without betraying the trust we fans have developed in the writing of the show–which, duh, is what happens on TV. TV isn’t TV without a wrench being thrown into any [read: every] situation. This is why option G would work: you get everything! Beckett realizes NYC and Castle are where it’s at but doesn’t have to choose between what she wants for herself and for the two of them, Castle gets Beckett, and fans get to wait on bated breath to hopefully see a more romantic proposal somewhere down the line, with the added bonus of watching them try to navigate living together 24/7.

I know, I know. Sounds too good to be true. But a girl can dream, can’t she? Whatever the writers have in mind, I can’t wait to watch it.

Meet the Sous Chef

It’s finally time to officially meet Jax, my part-time sous-chef and full-time shadow. I had planned to post about him last month to commemorate our first full year together (I adopted him on my birthday last year–happy birthday to me!), but I’m still trying to regain some blogging rhythm, so here’s to our one-year-and-one-month anniversary!

If we are Facebook friends, you’re probably familiar with Jax as he is one of the two things I actually post about with any regularity (the other is Castle, aka the best TV show ever). But you might not know a lot about him other than what you’ve seen in the photos, since I never posted on my old blog or anywhere else about adopting him. Photos of him just sort of started infiltrating my Facebook wall a few months after I got him. It took me awhile to share him with other people because part of me was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to keep him, and I didn’t want to have to worry about explaining the sudden lack of dog should that have happened.

As I mentioned, I brought Jax home on my birthday last year, after he had been fostered at my work (the doggie daycare) since about January. He apparently knew I was supposed to be his mom before I knew he was supposed to by my dog–he would follow me around; when I went on breaks, he would wait in the vicinity of the door for me to come back; and when I did my overnights, he would snuggle in with me no matter how little space there was for him. I think I realized he was supposed to be my dog when his adoption agency told us sometime in March that they were sending him to an adoption fair. I had this moment of “They can’t do that–they can’t give someone else my dog.” I immediately filled out an adoption application and started negotiating with my landlady to see if she would allow me to have a dog in the apartment. She agreed to let me have him there on a trial basis, noting that if any of the other tenants complained about noise or anything, she reserved the right to ask me to give him back. (This was one of the reasons I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep Jax–he had a tendency to bark for a few minutes after I’d put him in his kennel when I left the apartment, so I was living in fear that I’d get a call or email from my landlady saying “Nice try, but he’s gotta go”). Once everything with the adoption was final, he was clear to come home with me! So at 8am on April 8, we got on the bus for our first (of many) bus ride together. I could tell he was extremely uncomfortable on the bus, but he was such a trooper.

The only other hiccup for us was the cats (my cat Marvin and my roommate-at-the-time’s cat Bella). Jax’s adoption profile had said he was very energetic and might be too “over the top” for cats, so I knew it would be a tough adjustment, if it was one that could be made at all. I was blinded by dogmom love, though, so I was convinced that my love for both boys would be like magic and make everything work out fine. No such luck though. Over the past year, he and Marvin have had many meetings, and all of them have failed (Marvin is not fond of him at all because he’s a dog, and Jax will always view cats on the same level as he views squirrels, aka as things to chase), so I am resigned to the fact that a friendship between them is not going to happen. But don’t worry! Marvin is doing fine–he resides in Ellie’s room for the most part and has kind of become Ellie’s cat, which he honestly probably would have been when we found him had she not been living in a dorm; she is loving her role as cat mom, except for the fact that he demands breakfast at 4 in the morning.

It’s been a boisterous year (can a year be boisterous? my ever-editing english major brain wants to make sure I’m not making an embarrassing grammar mistake…), but we have settled into a routine back here in Ohio, and Jax seems to be taking to it well. He loves hanging out in the kitchen (hello floor food!), going to the dog park and for walks, eating, riding in the car, following his routine (he gets visibly upset when his routine varies, it’s ridiculous, but I am basically the same way), and playing with his toys. Oh, and did I mention eating? Food might be his favorite thing. After his mom, of course 🙂 He hates baths/water in general, men make him nervous, and he doesn’t do well with new people until he understands them (he’s uncomfortable with unpredictability). He’s also quirky in that even once he knows people, he doesn’t always like them–he’ll tolerate them and be mostly friendly, but is definitely picky about his people. Essentially, I am the only person he likes 100% of the time. For everyone else, he’ll jump on you and nip at your hands to try and herd you when he first meets you, but usually if you give him a cookie, he’ll be convinced to maybe tolerate you for the duration of your visit. He’s a nutty, slightly neurotic dog, but he’s my babydog, and I wouldn’t change him for anything.


Guarding the sauteed veggies in his role as sous chef.

Bus Window

Looking out the bus window.


Sitting on the seat as if he were people.


Look at that happy face! You can tell he much prefers car rides to bus rides.

And the Marv-ster. Still up to his crazy cat antics all day, every day.

The Marv-ster. Still up to his crazy cat antics all day, every day.


Okay, so I’m not sure if the tag #SundaySnuggles is an official twitter/blogosphere hashtag, but on this blog, it’s a celebrated luxury. I was fortunate enough to only work this morning, so after 10am, I had the day off! Usually I would take the opportunity to go to the Sunday Zumba class offered at my gym, but I just couldn’t convince myself to go today. For one thing, I’ve fallen a little out of my class attendance routine, but for another, I really wanted to spend some time doing absolutely nothing. Which I did. And it was MARVELOUS. Even though I’ve been loving my Zumba classes, I decided to spend the afternoon catching up on my reading (finally finished my book!) and snuggling with my dog, Jax, who will eventually be given a formal introduction (aka a dedicated blogpost). But I’m a little out of the blogging rhythm (and just out of practice on writing stuff in general), so I’m moving at a snail’s pace on that one. Perhaps that will be my activity of choice for the next #SundaySnuggles?


Opening a Window

“When a door closes, somewhere a window opens.”

It’s true! It’s time to close the door on “Crossing the T,” the blog I started to chronicle my life in Boston. Since I moved out of Boston 9 months ago, I guess it was finally time. I’ve been wanting to get back into the blog world for a while now, but I was feeling completely uninspired by “Crossing the T.” I tried to reimagine it (changing the title/background) so it would be relevant to me now, but there didn’t seem to be anything left in that blog. And not just because I relocated, but also because I feel like I am a different person now than when I started “Crossing the T” three years ago (three years, what?!?!). (Transition to the token “here’s why I called my blog what I called my blog” part of this post.)

With all the feelings of new-person-hood that I briefly mentioned, one of my goals lately has been to take more time for myself/try to consider myself first when making decisions. I don’t know if you all have noticed this about me before, but I have a tendency to take on too much and stress myself out with trying to juggle the help I give others with my own commitments. While I’ve always known this about myself, the understanding that I take on too much too often slapped me in the face at the end of last year when I was working at the kennel on the weekends, babysitting my 6-year-old cousin twice a week, and working with the groomer at the kennel because her pregnancy made it more difficult for her to work with the larger dogs. The combination of my two steady jobs at the time (the kennel and babysitting) had me working 6 days a week, with a lot of the kennel days being double shift days (meaning I worked 7:30am-11:00am and 2:30pm-6:00pm). Adding the extra work to my schedule wasn’t such a heavy load at first, but it got to the point where I was staying at the kennel from 11-2:30 and going in on what should have been my day off to help bathe dogs. Needless to say, I was feeling a little drained when the new year rolled around. And while I absolutely do not regret helping the groomer when she needed it, this just made me realize that I need to consider myself and my commitments more when deciding how much I can help others so I don’t fry my nerves or exhaust myself. (Cue New Year’s resolution)

As part of this commitment to myself, I have taken up a lot of the things I like to do, but for whatever reason have not had time to pursue to a large extent over the past few years. Most importantly, I have recommitted myself to exercising regularly, through signing up for Best Body Bootcamp (which is awesome! I’ll probably do a post about it soon) and through regular attendance at a few yoga and zumba classes each week. The yoga is actually where the title of this blog comes from. One of the things our yoga instructor talks about regularly is learning to use our breath to make difficult tasks easier–she calls it coming to your breath. For example, when your leg muscles are burning because you’ve been holding a high lunge for 2 minutes, you’re supposed to focus on your breathing and breathe energy into the tight muscles so that the pose becomes easier rather than harder. We are then supposed to take this understanding and translate it into stressful life situations: when you feel stress, just breathe through the tough stuff, refocus, and work through it. For those of you that aren’t familiar with yoga, this may sound like a lot of hooey, and honestly, I sometimes still think some of the things my instructor says sound a little silly. But I also know firsthand how powerful you feel when you get through a yoga class and were rocking all the crazy poses without feeling like you were overexerting or asking too much of yourself. I know there is merit in all I’m learning in my yoga practice because I have noticed myself getting stronger in class. The challenge now is to translate that to all the other aspects of my life.

So yes, I’m closing the door on one part of my life, but I’m now embarking on an exciting and challenging search for the open window, just trying to figure things out one breath (and hopefully blog post) at a time.