Surprise Day Off!


I love when I get a surprise extra day off! It doesn’t happen often, but it’s so nice when it does. Spending today doing a little editing work and some boring chores, but also snuggling with Jax and catching up on some reading. All in all, a good day. #sundaysnuggles #onathursday #lazydog


Option G

There’s a poll at this end of this article allowing readers to posit how they think Beckett will respond to Castle’s marriage proposal. I think option B and option D are both viable possibilities (I chose D), but I think I’d like to propose option G:

Beckett takes the job in DC and suggests they not get married, but officially move in together. She goes ahead to DC to start the job while they prepare for Castle to join her. Then after 3/4 of an episode, she decides she hates DC and wants to come back to NYC and her old job (because what’s “Castle” without Ryan and Espo too?!?), so they move in together at Castle’s loft and continue solving crimes in their adorable, funny, awesome way.

Clearly this option is the best and the writers of Castle will be calling me any day now asking me how I came up with such a brilliant solution. And then I’ll wake up.

But seriously, as I see it the “problem[s]” the writers now face are how to keep the show interesting without being untrue to the characters and the story. Beckett can’t really give a straight yes or no answer because there’s not really any place to go that the audience would find interesting.

On the one hand, if she says no, whether or not she then goes to DC, Castle and Beckett probably wouldn’t work together anymore because it would be awkward and uncomfortable and no one wants to watch that. Castle would have to take her back way too soon, and frankly, as much as I love them together, I’d be pissed if that happened because the story would feel forced, and I love the way the writers have handled the Castle/Beckett relationship even more than I love the Castle/Beckett relationship itself.

On the other hand, if she says yes and stays in NYC (which she was totally going to do anyway, even if he hadn’t proposed–she looked so sad when she thought Castle was going to give her the boot! And if I’m wrong about that, please nobody tell me.), then there’s not really anywhere else to go. Wedding planning for a whole season? Boring. Sure, there’d be the option of Gates interfering since there’s no longer plausible deniability (her term, not mine), but that takes about an episode. I’m sure the writers could figure out stuff to throw at them, but I feel like that would ultimately be a bit of a train wreck.

So obviously, either way Beckett answers, there has to be a catch, some condition that stays true to her character and the relationship between the two of them without betraying the trust we fans have developed in the writing of the show–which, duh, is what happens on TV. TV isn’t TV without a wrench being thrown into any [read: every] situation. This is why option G would work: you get everything!¬†Beckett realizes NYC and Castle are where it’s at but doesn’t have to choose between what she wants for herself and for the two of them, Castle gets Beckett, and fans get to wait on bated breath to hopefully see a more romantic proposal somewhere down the line, with the added bonus of watching them try to navigate living together 24/7.

I know, I know. Sounds too good to be true. But a girl can dream, can’t she? Whatever the writers have in mind, I can’t wait to watch it.