Surprise Day Off!


I love when I get a surprise extra day off! It doesn’t happen often, but it’s so nice when it does. Spending today doing a little editing work and some boring chores, but also snuggling with Jax and catching up on some reading. All in all, a good day. #sundaysnuggles #onathursday #lazydog



Okay, so I’m not sure if the tag #SundaySnuggles is an official twitter/blogosphere hashtag, but on this blog, it’s a celebrated luxury. I was fortunate enough to only work this morning, so after 10am, I had the day off! Usually I would take the opportunity to go to the Sunday Zumba class offered at my gym, but I just couldn’t convince myself to go today. For one thing, I’ve fallen a little out of my class attendance routine, but for another, I really wanted to spend some time doing absolutely nothing. Which I did. And it was MARVELOUS. Even though I’ve been loving my Zumba classes, I decided to spend the afternoon catching up on my reading (finally finished my book!) and snuggling with my dog, Jax, who will eventually be given a formal introduction (aka a dedicated blogpost). But I’m a little out of the blogging rhythm (and just out of practice on writing stuff in general), so I’m moving at a snail’s pace on that one. Perhaps that will be my activity of choice for the next #SundaySnuggles?